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Life Line #4000

Life Line Emergency Vehicles salutes the people with their attention to detail and pride in ownership.  Our 180 employee owners are dedicated and committed to building the best ambulance in the industry.  This past month as Life Line Emergency Vehicles emerges from the celebration of their 30th year, ambulance #4000 rolled off the line with the same attention to detail and pride as in the beginning, sold by our Iowa Dealer.

Life Line Emergency Vehicles started operations on Railroad Street in October of 1985-86 with 7 employees.  Our first unit; Unit #1 was delivered to Sartori Hospital in Cedar Falls, Iowa in March of 1986.  Life Line out grew the location and in November of 1990 we purchased the Sherburne building to house the RSQ units/remounts; with additional buildings added to that location in 1998 and 2002 to house Paint and Chassis storage.  Business continued to flourish and Life Line moved from the Railroad location to Life Line Drive in the spring of 2005.


Life Line has had to adapt to the many changes and demands of the EMS community and has strived to fulfill their ever evolving needs and changing technology.  In July of 2010, Life Line was shocked by the passing of Owner/CEO Terry Leicher.  Still grieving the passing of Terry, I Connie Leicher, Terry’s wife; stepped out of retirement into the role of Owner/CEO.


In October of 2010 Life Line celebrated its 25th Anniversary in business and was about to complete our biggest year ever!  Shortly after our 25th year; the 3000th unit was delivered to Erie, PA in January of 2011.  As we all know, the economy was crumbling and had hit Life Line a little later than most other companies.  Life Line tightened up their purse strings, and squeezed through two years of tough decisions; to continue to produce the BEST AMBULANCE in the industry all while keeping their employees on board and continuing to look to the future.


In the fall of 2011; Life Line purchased the Rockwell building and moved all operations into that building by the spring of 2012.  Lots of changes, updates to equipment and technology have followed the move to the new building.  Even though lots of questions were being raised; employees dug in; worked hard  and trusted the decisions that were being made to help Life Line continue to move forward in an unstable market.  While other companies have been laying employees off and closing doors; Life Line continues to look to the future and hold their own; while continuing to fulfil the needs of their customers and dealers nationwide.

Picture:  from left to right  Jeff Mehmen, VP/COO; Connie B. Leicher, President/CEO; Kevin Klocke with KEV the Iowa Dealer and Dave Seitsinger, Regional Sales Manager.


Connie Leicher, CEO



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