Elite G3 Multiplex Touch System

Let Drivers focus on Driving

Technology is constantly evolving, it’s important we evolve with it. This is why we collaborated with Hydro Electronic Devices to create the Elite G3 Multiplex Touch System.

This interactive, 7-inch color LCD touch screen was created specifically with the end user and service personnel in mind. It’s quick and easy functionality allows the driver to focus on what’s most important — driving.

  • Back up camera
  • Anti-reflective touch screen
  • Field updatable software by USB connection
  • 360 degree camera option
  • Remote access via any web enabled device
  • O2 pressure display
  • Indicators and alarms for O2/medical air entry, compartment doors and active voltage

Elite G3 Touch Demo

The live and interactive screen is the largest screen currently on the market, it’s fully customizable and comes standard with any Life Line vehicle. Some of its features include:

Elite G3 Touch System Brochure

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