Critical Care/Neonate

Critical Care/Neonate Ambulance

Critical Care/Neonate Ambulance

Special Services, Critical Care Vehicle

Life Line Neonate vehicles provide a smooth, stable ride
even in extreme conditions, allowing your team to focus
on better patient care. Every unit is carefully planned
and customized to maximize convenience, freedom
of movement and safety.

Available for every Life Line model


Life Line ambulances are designed by EMTs for EMTs.
We pay uncommon attention to quality so every detail
is designed to make your job safer and easier to provide
better patient care. You can customize your Life Line
Neonate package with a wide range of thoughtful features:

  • 4-Point safety harness seat system
  • Medical air and liquid 02
  • Temperature controlled cabinets
  • Blanket warmer
  • Dual power cot load systems
  • Redundant electronic safety systems
  • Removable action/attendant seating
  • Air quality control systems
  • Generator
  • Custom colored interiors


Quality is built into every Life Line ambulance. Each
vehicle features a structural cage for safety and durability.

  • Side Walls are constructed of 2×2 vertical &
    2×3 triple hollow vertical extrusions as well
    as a minimum of (5) 2×2 horizonal extrusions
    between those verticals
  • Ceiling consists of 6” channel extrusion called
    the “Center Spine” with hat channel extrusions
    18” on center perpendicular on both sides

  • Interlocking “V” Joint Floor Extrusion forms
    a 2×2 box channel at 10” on center