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The Life Line Difference

There are big differences between ambulance manufacturers. The innovations of some bring ideas to life. And creative is not necessarily innovative. We look at innovation as a way to improve long-term lasting value for our customers.

Committed to Quality

We are driven to be first with quality innovations. It’s why we were one of the original manufacturers to participate in Ford’s Quality Vehicle Modifier program. It continues through the commitment of Life Line’s employee/owners and associates who take quality seriously.

When it comes to setting ambulance standards, we are an active member of the Ambulance Manufacturer Division (AMD) of the NTEA, as well as strongly involved with NFPA 1917. We take this responsibility seriously and use everything we learn to continue an ongoing commitment to proven innovation and continuous product improvement. We are also proud to be one of the original twelve ambulance manufacturers in the United States to submit vehicles for testing. Learn about a significant upgrade in our deburring technology.

Leading Through Innovation

As an additional example of innovation, we continue to be one of the few manufacturers to offer proprietary aluminum extrusions that add strength, improve stability and contribute to the quiet comfort of every vehicle we build. We were the first to offer Labyrinth-style door construction, a double aluminum insulated floor and a two-piece aluminum crash rail. Life Line ambulances are also known for their state of the art Elite electrical system.

Our Mission

Life Line is relentlessly focused on producing ambulances and providing service that exceed customer expectations, empowering each Life Line partner to work with pride and professionalism.

A Pledge to Our Valued Customers

In these times of shrinking budgets and increasing expenses “Low Bid” sometimes becomes the only tool used in determining purchases. We at Life Line would like to explain why more goes into a vehicle than just price.

We at Life Line pledge the following to you, our customer:

  • Life Line will never use illegal labor. We feel the savings of illegal labor harms our country.
  • Life Line will always use American Made products first if available. Over 80% of our parts & materials currently come from American suppliers. We believe that foreign products dilute our economy.
  • Life Line employees will always “do the right thing” to insure vehicle reliability and performance. We will cut no corners in the name of production or profit.
  • Life Line will always stand behind and warrant our product. We believe that the strength and quality of the product can be measured not only by the length of the warranty but by the actions of the company.

The above pledge seems simple. Illegal aliens and foreign product may give a price advantage, but we believe it harms our country and we just won’t be a part of it. All employees are documented and all suppliers are required to state where their product is assembled and where the parts are produced.

In this time of tight budgets and fiscal accountability, one thing has been proven again and again: You get what you pay for. We believe that everyone doing their part will insure a strong and prosperous America.

We hope that this pledge will help explain why Life Line may not be the cheapest, but it is the best!

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Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Life Line vehicles are manufactured in Sumner, IA, a small rural community. Our Employee Owners are proud. Proud of their heritage, proud of their skills, proud of the product they build and proud to be American.