Type II Ambulance

Type II Ambulance

Type II Ambulance

Ideal Hospital to Hospital Transport

Perfect for quick hospital-to-hospital transportation,
this fuel-efficient Ford Transit Mid-Roof Van has room
for two medics plus the patient.

Features Include:

  • Chassis: Ford Transit W2C 350 MR Van
  • Wheelbase: 148-inch
  • Pass-thru
  • 2WD


Life Line ambulances are designed by EMTs for EMTs.
We pay uncommon attention to quality so every
detail is designed to make your job safer and easier
to provide better patient care. You can customize your
Life Line ambulance with a wide range of thoughtful
standard features and upgrades:

  • 20 Amp Shoreline Auto Eject
  • Reverse Activated Alarm
  • Vanner 1000 Watt Interver w/55 Amp Charger
  • Waytek Dual 12V/USB Outlet Action Area
  • Waytek USB Charging Port Front Console
  • TecNiq Low Profile LED Lights in Patient Area
  • Whelen LED Exterior & Warning Lights
  • Whelen 295HFS2 Siren
  • 40 Amp Radio Prewire Power & Ground in Cab
  • K66 Antenna Base & Coax Cable
  • Lower Action Area Sharps & Trash
  • EVS 2169 Flip Up Bottom/Fold Down Seating
  • Lower Left Rear Base Backboard Storage
  • Recessed Streetside IV Hangers Front & Rear
  • Portable 02 & Fire Extinguisher Storage Left
  • Rear Above BB Storage
  • Glove Box Storage
  • Ducted Pro-Air Vertical Unit
  • Ohio Oxygen Outlets
  • Transverse Zico Quic-Release Slide Out O2
  • Action Area SSCOR 22000 Suction Unit
  • w/23002 Disposable Trap Set
  • Data Panel Soft Touch Rocker Electrical
  • System (1 Front Panel/1 Rear Switch Panel)